July 25, 2010

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world cup.  game reserves.  vinyards.  awesome.


Folley Beach, SC

June 2, 2010

Family trip to Charleston, SC, for Steve’s 60th b-day.  Also Grandma and Granddad’s 61st anniversary.  Also, also, some windy mohawks during the beach photoshoot.

Apologies for the 3 month break between posts.  Updates you may have missed out on:  crawling, pulling up, saying “da da” and “ba ba”, and he’s working on 2 teeth.

Squeaky Clean

March 2, 2010

Don’t throw him out with the bathwater.  This kiddo’s a keeper.


March 2, 2010

giovanni visits for nye and brings tiger jumpsuits.  resolution #1: wear jumpsuit.  resolution #2: be totally awesome.  you see, #1 leads to #2.  that’s how it works.


Home Cookin’

March 2, 2010

During the holidays, we started V on solids.  From peaberry (peas + blue berries) to squapples (squash + apples), he’s chowin’ down and quickly establishing the largest cheeks in the Southwest.

North Carolinamas

March 2, 2010

2nd x-mas in Greensboro with the Stephensons.  Snow, great grandparents, and elephant rides. 


March 2, 2010

1st x-mas with the Pierce grandparents.

Babies be shoppin’

January 15, 2010

We visited a new baby store in Austin the other weekend: Buy Buy Baby.  It’s as if Babies R’ Us and Bed Bath & Beyond got married and then popped out a big-box baby…mazel tov!   The place is hella overwhelming of course, but they get our respect for the free gift wrapping.

V had one strong like and one strong dislike.  But like Boyz II Men say, it’s so hard to say goodbye.

Make time.  Take time.  And re-live this gem from my highschool dayzzz.

Holiday countdown

December 19, 2009

V’s first Christmas is off to a jolly good start.  We’ve just finished all the shopping, tree decorating, and holiday cards.  And we even visited Santa in the mall…where V brought the style throwdown on ol’ St. Nick.



Valen headed to Memphis for a sweet taste of the southern life and to get in touch with his roots.   Thanksgiving was in Jackson, TN, with the Austin/Hunter family, where V possibly got a bit jealous that he wasn’t the only delish little item at the table.  hellooooo, sweet potato pie .