River Gray Pierce

June 30, 2012

It took us 48 hours, up to the last minute, but son #2 officially now has a name. We weren’t going to be able to leave the hospital without putting something on the birth certificate and I was worried that Baby Boy Pierce (which was written on all his hospital cards) might end up leading to B.B. Pierce. As much as I admire B.B. King, I don’t think our last name works quite as well as the Blues Boy’s does.

River is at home now and appears to be training for a sleeping, eating & pooping triathlon.

Last night he had a nasty blowout in our bed. 4am. We were like a sleepwalking mud wrestling tag team scrambling to change our sheets, change his clothes & clean him all up, while trying to keep him from screaming (and molly from barking) and waking up big brother. Almost forgot just how much fun those parenting moments are. Thanks so much for that lovely reminder, Riv. 😉




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